The Framingham Heart Study is a project of Boston University & the National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute.
The Framingham Heart Study is a project of Boston University & the National Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute.
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Code of Conduct

All members of the Framingham Heart Study are expected to:

  1. Treat each other and all other individuals with respect and dignity, and to appreciate differences and the diversity of the workplace.
  2. Provide a safe, positive and supportive environment and to provide a work environment free of the negative behaviors referenced in the policies listed below.
  3. Encourage communication across work groups to facilitate a cordial and collaborative work environment.
  4. Have the right to get regular feedback on their performance that is respectful, constructive, specific and appropriate to the individual’s job expectations.
  5. Acknowledge contributions of all participating researchers in publications appropriately.
  6. Adhere to all applicable policies and regulations for conduct of research.

FHS expects all employees, regardless of position, to commit to fostering a work environment that is professional, respectful, and supportive of all personnel to provide a supportive work environment. Employees who fail to adhere to the workplace expectations contained herein may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or support, as determined by their employer and/or sponsor.

With this statement we intend to provide guidelines and examples of unacceptable conduct so that faculty and staff members understand the Framingham Heart Study (“FHS”) workplace expectations. These workplace expectations will support a culture of respect for each other, as well as foster the safety of participants and quality of research.

Unacceptable Conduct



The below list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but is designed to identify examples of the various forms that bullying can take considering the totality of the circumstances.

Mistreatment of Participants

Lying and Falsification: About any job-related matters, including, but not limited to:

Misusing Property

Misusing Confidential Information

The above list is not intended to be comprehensive, staff members’ individual employers have detailed policies and procedures that should be followed as well, including but not limited to:

Boston University Policies:

National Health, Lung, and Blood Institute Policies:

Resources available to promote a safe, positive and supportive environment include, but are not limited to:

For Boston University Employees:

For National Institutes of Health / National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Employees:

NIH’s Commitment
NIH is committed to doing our part to support a safe and respectful work environment across the entire biomedical research enterprise. NIH does not tolerate harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, at research institutions that receive NIH funding, or anywhere NIH-funded activities are conducted.

“[…] We are determined to be part of the solution […] We can and will take action if there are concerns that sexual harassment is affecting NIH-funded research.” – excerpt from NIH Director’s statement. Read full statement.

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BMC Policy and Procedure Manual: Employee Conduct

Ratification Date: May 14, 2019